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3 Lessons Learned After Opening a Specialty Pharmacy


Specialty pharmaceuticals are reported to be the fastest growing segment of drug spending. Jumping on this growing trend, The University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System (UI Health) ventured into specialty pharmacy services in 2007.

Since their start, UI Health has shared their top three lessons they learned after opening their specialty pharmacy.

Lesson One: Stay Committed

UI Health explains that although it is relatively straightforward to establish a specialty pharmacy, it is demanding to manage one on an ongoing basis. Effective pharmacy management requires a very committed, creative and detail-oriented staff.

Lesson Two: Maintaining Refills

In order for your specialty pharmacy to succeed long term, staff must not only focus on obtaining new prescriptions, but also maintaining refills.

Lesson Three: Remember Your Goal

It is important to always remember the ultimate reason why you implemented a specialty pharmacy in the first place. For most organizations, this goal is to increase patient access to medications. While specialty pharmacies have the ability to improve a hospital’s bottom line, the most significant benefit is getting patients easier access to the medications they need.

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