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Top Reasons Patients May Not Be Compliant with Discharge Orders


Post-discharge outcomes are an increasing focus for hospitals and health systems, which are challenged with improving patient outcomes as care transitions outside their hospital’s walls.

Here are the top five reasons patients may not be compliant with their discharge orders:

  1. Patients are often discharged late in the day, and often not able to make the extra stop to fill a prescription on the way home.
  2. Patients don’t understand the importance of the medication or they are fearful or uncertain about potential side effects.
  3. Sometimes the patient’s medications stay the same, yet the dosing regimen changes post-discharge, and patients may not understand the importance of making those switches.
  4. The patient’s health plans may not cover a drug; with the concierge program, medication substitutions can be made with prescribing physician approval before the patient leaves the hospital.
  5. Some patients cannot afford a medication, for example the cost of a brand-name drug — with the concierge program, generic substitutions can also be made with prescribing physician approval before the patient leaves the hospital, as well as obtaining access to patient assistance programs from drug manufacturers.

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